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  1. Found a bug: if I hide t4 cards, click "Only Show Playable Cards" and then tick my orbs to be nature nature fire, I can't see any twilight units or twilight tier 2 cards. I can only see them if I enable t4 cards, but then I see a lot of of cards that don't fit my orbs of choice (such as Deepfang and Harvester), plus them and all twilight cards are not sorted properly. Screenshot:
  2. Then what are you suggesting? Besides, the point is mute. As just confirmed, we have no way of getting tournament accounts. Still, there are dozens of people ready to compete with their account. We can have a philosophical debate about how fair it is but in any case we have no way of dealing with the situation other than just let people play. I agree with you that in essence having both decks be the same level is more fair, but I really don't see any other concrete solution.
  3. Okay, thanks for the info. I already assumed that was the case, but it's good that we got an official statement for that. Also clears up the possibility of EA getting upset about this. Why are cards one thing and upgrades another? Having a competitive deck build is just as (if not more) important than having upgrades. If we have a rule set (or basis as you said) that dictates deck level then we are either unnecessarily excluding people of forcing people to downgrade their cards which means that they will lose resources they spent upgrading it.
  4. You have to collect cards in Hearthstone, Faeria et cetera. Depending on how long it takes to get a competitive deck together in Skylords, the only difference would be that we can't straight up buy our way into competitive decks anymore. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm saying that (as many games have proven) we can have enjoyable and competitive tournaments even without tournament accounts. Sure, if the devs want to pull off something like that, it would be great. Thought so, that's why I was talking about a group of unaffiliated volunteers all along. Or do you mean that someone st
  5. The open beta is starting in less than two weeks, so that's not a problem. I really don't see how it's too early to be thinking about something like this as we have 13 days until we can play the game. I really don't see why this would or should be a requirement. Big tournaments are constantly held for comparable games, where players participate with their own accounts. Faeria, Hearthstone and pretty much every other game are run like this, excluding biggest million dollar tournaments at best. If the devs want to do something like this then why not, but I really don't see why it should
  6. I was mainly thinking about online tournaments, especially in case of monthly tournaments. Online tournaments are easy to organize, easy to join and let us capitalize on the global nature of our community. We would need at least 20 high end players willing to pay for plane tickets to actually be able to host big IRL events. Maybe if the devs want to spend part of their patreon funds. I'm not sure your idea would work, but if the devs would want to do something like that then why not.
  7. To my knowledge it shouldn't be a problem. The devs are not affiliated, and we are just individuals giving each other stuff (which is legal) based on competition results, not on leasing, selling or giving EAs IP. Especially since players have the permission to stream the game, which can lead to them getting money by playing the game. (Which, if EA would put up a fight, would be the case they made against tournaments) However, I'm basing this only on my knowledge of the law. If I'm wrong then someone can correct me. It would be cool if the devs could participate by giving promos as re
  8. Hello guys! Long time lurker here. I'm the kind of guy that really wants to keep game communities active and on their feet. I've been an active tournament organizer in my city (a big city in Finland), and have hosted and covered expenses for big tournaments of several different games, as well as held monthly tournaments for many others. This includes titles like Age of Empires 2, Hearthstone, Netrunner, Warmachines/Hordes et cetera. Now that BattleForge is coming back, I immediately wanted to do the same. In my experience tournaments with actual rewards are something that keep a community
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