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  1. Zizico2

    video "Battle between fire and frost"

    Ok that looks freakin amazing
  2. Zizico2


    Ok. Ye ur right. No one said BFP would be easy to get. c: And I agree with u.. they r smart enough to deal with this. But I feel this is an unexplored topic. That's why I brought it up. TY for the reply. See you on another thread.
  3. Zizico2


    I see u r point. But 1 thing I really liked to do was bargaining with other players to get the cards I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. But if everyone can get easy bfps, that won't be possible anymore. IMO battleforge wasn't only about the in game content. 1 big part of the game was the bargaining between players, so I hope the developers don't 'kill' that part of the game.
  4. Zizico2


    Ty for all the replys. but with the pay 2 win system (just to be clear i DID NOT ever buy anything with "real Money", so it isnt just a matter of interst) there woukd be ppl with more bfpoints than others. and with only free to get bf points everyone will be able to have the same ammount of Money. and i think itll take out smoe tintrest from the game. but when the games actualy gets realesed wel see if my worries turn onut as real problems.
  5. Zizico2


    Im aware u guys are goin to remove all pay-2-win features from battleforge. but dat way there will be way less bf points in general. which will reduce the number of cards on the Marketplace and make deals between players way harder to make. i think dat if u wont let us purchase bf points nor cards u should make some events dat only really dedicated players will be able to accheieve, with big bf points rewards. what do u think about this? (sry if my english (or spelling) aint that good)

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