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  1. I didn't go looking for a solution, because they gave me short and thick answers, yes I've been almost 2 years without playing, and that was the reason. And I got some letters from my wife, and I gave her some. as she used the "deck of lost spirit ships", and I used ice, there were many exchanges, but how could I be playing on 2 accounts at the same time? in the same match? with different actions?, now are you going to say that I use some kind of "BOT" to play in a group?, as I said before and I'll say it again, if you want a photo of my living room where I play with my wife, other games I com
  2. I just didn't understand, why the ban until today I try to play, but when I remember what they did I give up, my wife has already given up on the game, we played for many years for EA games. together, I always with one type of card and she with others, usually she makes the ghost boats. but that's ok, since it's wrong to trade cards, why is there a market? As I said before, I don't have to cheat in a game that's already been dropped once, and I don't want to see that happen again. because, I can't receive or give cards to my wife, ok, but imagine a team with 4 players that play together, d
  3. humm????????????? my wife and I played together in the same house, even so we were banned, I have already contacted by discord, here and nothing, what do you want to prove that I play with her? You can see that we have several games played together, and sometimes we invert the computers but we never take advantage of anything, if I take a repeated card she gives it to me, if I take one I give it to her, this is to negotiate, if I cannot give letters to anyone, so they should ban everyone who helps newbies by giving them letters. well here is my indignation with the administration, I thought
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