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  1. Flrbb

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    Do not filter on what is missing. Add a filter in which you can name a campaign mission. Then it shows all upgrades from that map. Which ones you still miss, you have to figure out on your own. This would be my attempt.
  2. Flrbb

    4 man map problem

    My guess would be that the player with the fastest computer gets into the game. The others are stuck at the loadings screen, missing some sort of" terminate the loading screen" signal - because a game already started.
  3. Flrbb

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    When doing map runs for loot, you can easily see which upgrades still missing and then decide which map to farm.
  4. Flrbb

    1 - cannot ready for a match

    NAME: cannot ready for a match SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Mission Briefing REPRODUCIBILITY: Always since today. Did not Play on Sunday. Don't know since when exactly. DESCRIPTION: When joining a Mission or trying to create my own the check box "Ready" does not have an effect. The check mark on the Player bar does not apear, so I cannot lauch the game. Also, When trying to join another game, it seems that the people are in the Group (right side of the screen), but no one is assigned to a starting place. But in the text window down below there apears text that I have joined a specific starting place after I clicked on a spot. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: yes, attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As other People still ask for games I assume that not all Players/games are affected. Did not look up the resolved Folder. There is allready a similar Topic:
  5. Since today somewhen between playing I do always get struck at "waiting for other players" loading screen. The first few games (solo or multiplayer) were fine, but somehow Right now I just can play solo games. When trying to play with others (PvP, PvE or rPvE, dosn't matter) my game dosn't do anyting past the loading screen. I tried like 10 games. Not a single successful connection. Any ideas what to do? As others can play together I'd say it has something to do with my Installation...….
  6. Flrbb

    Archivements broken?

    Don't want to set up a bug report that fast... But is the second way to get a booster broken? I did play some games but the counter is stuck at the same value for the last two days?! Anyone else noticed this, too?
  7. Flrbb

    Archivements broken?

    sure. It was stuck at 122/200 for quite long. As I was taken the screen shot, I was surprised that it rose to 125. But I played more than 3 games in between. So the counter works, but do not count every match. A simple restart of the game does not update the number.
  8. Do you think of another T4 unit or have something completely different in mind? If it is a T4 unit, other than Grinder and Gemeye(purple) which one?
  9. I wouldn't say it is better. I usually take both. Both have their situations where they are good. The green "stunns" your enemys which is quite nice, but with small/easy monsters you do not problems if allready at T4 and with Gemeyes you do have at least a single green orb, thus having heals available. In rPvE you focus on bigger units first (especially with the long range of the gemeye), so stunning a big unit which should die fast anyways is not that benefit anymore. So the plus of the green one is only minor. The purple one does area damage. This is something which can be negelcted on big units, but it delivers the killing blow to all the small units. With Gemeye you usually have Grinder with you. And now just imagine that Grinder is distracted because it has to hit a (anywas allready dead) squad 5 times more just to kill each member of those six single units. That takes time. In that time you could walk on to the next camp or kill enemies which really do matter. That is why a purple Gemeye is better in rPvE, especilly when focussing fire.
  10. At this moment there are no connection problems anymore (at least for me). As I did Nothing to my local installation and there was a server restart I'd say it has something to do with that.
  11. Yes indeed, I did post/report (other) known issues. Maybe I want to support this beloved game to much and thus I am a bit to "reactive". But. This time I'd say it is very ok to post, because: This quote comes from "Known issues". I do know (from own experience) that every now and then there are connection errors, also at the very same point as described above. ("waiting for other players", CPU almost idle, after a reasonable amount of time the GPU starts working at higher loads, still at that waiting message). Since yesterday it happens each and every time and as stated in my last post, even when almost noone is online. "can reproduce each time" applies here; I am up to roughly 15-20 counts in a row since then. As I know that other players can play normaly this is not a bug report, but a call for help or ideas. :/
  12. No, I guess the chance for that beeing the reason is quite low. Yesterday I tried with different players. Also, some attempts were for PvP 1on1 and two player maps. I even had the chance to test it right now (allmost nobody online, 5 in the morning); same problem.
  13. Flrbb

    1 - No other people visible ingame

    Yes, I'd say so.
  14. Flrbb

    nerf amii monument

  15. Flrbb

    1 - No other people visible ingame

    Not yet fixed. Even after the second restart there is no one else visible.
  16. Flrbb

    nerf amii monument

    Really? Lost Grigory was nerved several times? I cannot remember that. Anyone knows the history of that card?
  17. Flrbb

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    How do you make 21.8k /h on Soultree? The timespann is kinda fixed, because Viridya is very scripted and with Amii Monument you win as soon as the goal is set. So.. idk maybe 15minutes a game. You get two upgrades. According to the official loot list here in the forum you would get an average of 4200 gold per game (plus two chests). That would be roughly 17k!? Do I have the wrong loot list?
  18. NAME: Filtering in Inventory switches the order of the cards SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge/Inventory REPRODUCIBILITY: Kind of allways, but only noticed with nomads DESCRIPTION: Switching the green orb on/off switches the sort order of the affinities of nomad. Switching Purple or blue orb on/off has no effect. Did not notice any other cards so far, because it is not a very important bug. I suppose it has something to do with the affinities (nomad has a red and a green one). SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: See attached Picture. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  19. Flrbb

    Waiting for other players... (for an hour)

    Technically speaking, the bug is still there. NAME: "Waiting for other Players", when everyone has already loaded the game. SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Loading screen, Right before a match/game starts. REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens every now and then, no sceme at first glance. DESCRIPTION: I'll copy the text from above: When we start the game with my friends it loads in, than gives everyone the starting sound and freeze at the "Waiting for other players..." label, everyone loaded in so it's not the problem. We waited, tried it several times (for 4 days now) and still not loading in, every time. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  20. Flrbb

    3 - lobby not always visible

    Ok, head line sounds silly, I know. Like I do not have friend which want to play with me. But.. Sometimes games are not visible for other players, so no one can joint your game. Anyhow, there are other abandoned games. Maybe this is related. If you wonder how I can tell that they are "left over" games? The named leader of the game is not in the lobby anymore (upper right corner).
  21. Flrbb

    Waiting for other players... (for an hour)

    Every now and then I so see this, too. I would suppose that it is related to a "not so clean match gathering". (ok, this sounds wired) What I ment was: I think, when one of the players joins different lobbies (e.g. switching between bad harves and sunbridge, fast and often) before getting invited to your group (or joins your group), then this waiting for other players occurs. Like, another 5th (ghost) player is in the group which does not send any kind of "yes, I am ready to play, too" signal.
  22. Flrbb

    Fire Natur rpve

    Purple or red CE? Which do you prefer?
  23. Flrbb

    Updater Error

    I'd say one of your executables is corrupt. Maybe try re-downloading the updater and unzip over old files?
  24. Flrbb

    Offering Bug

    Did you check you in game mail? edit: just found a notification on this forum...

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