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  1. I warmly welcome! I write again because I am very happy with your progress. I was in the first 1000 people who registered and I have a quiet hope that you will give me a chance to see and play battleforge again. Here is the message I once got, but unfortunately I did not have enough time and I did not use the link. Thank you so much for all the support ! We're now over 1k members that's just insane! Here is as we promised the 1k members topic : http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=323   Big thanks to you guys stay awesome ! See you soon in the forge
  2. I am very happy that the game will be available soon I was terribly upset when EA closed the server because I spent a lot of time, but there are fans and people who will show the beauty and specifics of this game again! Good job ! Regards
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