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  1. In the post you've said this: In my opinion this is kinda invalid. Dailiy quests and refilling reserve for sure GIVE you sense of urgency. Urgency to log in every day just to use your reserve and punish people that want to grind more. For example take a look at a person that works like crazy from monday to friday, but has whole saturday and sunday free. Once he runs out of reserves he doesn't get anything extra for just grinding more. Personally I think there should be any flat rate for grinding even after your reserve got depleted, otherwise there is just no point in grinding more and progression based people would just do the dailies, use the reserve and log out. Having literally nothing extra for long griding sessions feels really bad and it's not rewarding to the players that put more effort than others into the game. Basically saying to the player: "Ok that's enough, now log out, because you will not get anything extra for playing longer." Having lower bfp rate after reserves has been depleted is ok, but making it literally worthless to keep grinding instead of taking a break is just off. The other thing lets say there you have 2 players. Player A that wants to commit a lot of time into the game and Player B that just uses up reserves and does dailies. Player B is really lucky and opens a lot of expensive cards while Player A gets all the aweful cards. Now. Normally Player A would catch up just by playing more, but there is no such way and basically makes catching up luck based. Also players that start playing later will never be able to catch up to anyone who clears these goals just by playing more which just locks them in "never be able to catch up" state. Also if you limit bfp earnings for more time investing players then just sitting in te marketplace and just trading cards there will be the way to earn bfps, because you've used up the reserves.
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