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  1. Apparently when the connection is lost, you lose the progress (part of or all of the progress made), id est i was on a map and got disconnected, when finally was able to log in again my total minutes on the map (required for the daily quest) were back to 0, like i never played the map. This apply to dack changes too (like adding or removing cards from the deck and probably to other things too) p.s. one of the hint (during the loading before the map start) still say something like "EA operators will never ask you for email or password", it's not an error but maybe doesn't really have sense now. Thanks for your hard work
  2. Report: server always full if it takes more than a few seconds to login or say that the servers are full it gives some sort of error (but if I try again later without doing nothing to the game files the error is no more, simply sometimes happen.. not always the same error thou) in the game i got an error while opening a booster, i was then disconnected from the server. upon being disconnected another time in the login the server was already full.. some sort of error in which two players take the same place maybe or just pure luck for getting my spot in the 10-20 seconds from the game to login? Error in difficulty setting on random solo map probably? Usually I'm playing solo during this test period, and because of the quest I play difficulty 6. However yesterday (or the day before, not sure) that same difficulty was way higher than usual (I tried to run several times difficulty 6 but compared to usual and to today too it was way more difficult). Today instead it was a little more easy. (by this i mean how aggressive the enemy units are, the spawn rate, the number of XL units encountered, the number of enemy buildings and so on) Also, the games lag with many units on the screen untill around half map (does it takes count of the unit on map and not only on screen?) Hope this may help. Thanks for the hard work
  3. When i try to start a map (every map, single player, multiplayer, random) the game "freezes" (no matter what and where i click it won't work, the chat is freezed too and the only things that keep going are the automatic camera and the music) Thanks for your hard work!
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