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  1. Calarakien

    why can i only sell one thing

    Pretty sure you can sell more than one card, just no duplicates in my experience
  2. Calarakien

    Closed Beta Applications

    Howdy, i'd like to be included in the closed beta. I'm Cal, i'm based out of the west coast of the united states, I play games in most of my free time. I played battleforge for a number of years, right up until closing time. For me, it was the first online game i played that also experienced a shut-down, and i'm excited to see its' return. I typically have between 3-9 hours of free time in a day, and while i have zero experience in closed beta testing environments(as far as ones like this, anyway, played some smite Closed beta and firefall closed beta, but i wasn't really doing much contributing as i was like 16 and dumb), i am a magnet for bugs and errors. This, i believe makes me ideal for testing like this. I've got plenty of RTS experience outside of battleforge, getting my start on the console port of starcraft brood war. Nowadays, i mostly play multiplayer games with friends and tabletop RPGs. if i missed anything, feel free to DM me, i'm available literally all of the time, regardless of day or night,my time. Discord: Calarakien#9578
  3. Calarakien

    Your best gifs

    I've only got two i can easily share via linkage
  4. Calarakien

    The story behind your nick.

    I've stuck with this nick since I was like 8 when dad told me I needed an email. So I took my name and added a bunch a letters till I hit a nice even ten, stirred things around till it sounded good, and boom. Calarakien. Cal-uh-rakey-in. Been the same across everything for the past 11 years.
  5. Calarakien

    Most favorite Card

    My favorite card was always construct. Worldbreaker gun was my favorite structure. Always felt that only green having a healer was op, so I'll say shaman was a little op
  6. Calarakien

    Data Gathering regarding booster gathering speed

    1:4 2:2 3:6

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