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  1. Random question for everyone! For now before our favourite game battleforge is back, which game is your favourite game? Or favourite genre? MOBA MMORPG RTS?

    1. SZTB


      I do not necessarily have a favourite genre right now; It'd maybe edge towards something free roamy, but my favourite/most played game right now would have to be Smite. Kept me playing for 4 years so I must be enjoying it.

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  2. Bonjour joueur français ! J'ai adoré ce jeu dès l'instant où j'ai commencé !! J'y ai passé du temps et de l'argent ! Mais vraiment au top !

    1. SZTB


      Please try to keep it English, my friend.

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  3. Today is a sad day :(

    Let us all take this moment and lament the anniversary of the massacre of the game we all love. And hope something comes to cheer us up.


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