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  1. I Love You Guys

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    2. Deadman


      You may be a Skylord... but you are not a WaterMelon Lord. 

    3. Eddio


      I also love me :kappa:  

    4. wa2magge
  2. Hi Skylord,

    Lagops said me i should contact you because you have a pve Bandit deck to Play, can you teach me ? :) 

    Best regards.

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    2. ImaginaryNumb3r


      Well, it depends on what your concern is. Is it normal rpve, campaign maps or just very general things?  
      But if you don't have questions about any specifics I can tell you about my usual strategies and builds for normal rpve.

    3. wa2magge


      Hey sorry that i message you so late i was on vacation, so i just want General Things because the Bandits are not easy to Play (or is it just me?) and want to master them and get a good build to Play normal pve.

    4. ImaginaryNumb3r


      No probs. I thought I make a topic to discuss Bandit PVE instead. There is too much to cover for a mere status update and I thought I'd do something big so more people would benefit from it: 


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