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  1. Hi, First of all thanks for reading this suggestion. Even if it doesn't pass because it's not received well or even worse cause of technical issues, i want to raise an issue I experienced back in the Days in the old Battle Forge and i think at least some Players will experience sooner or later in Skylords Reborn. Disclaimer: The Viewpoint here is my Personal one which is mainly that of a PvE Player. If you Focus more on PvP feel free to add your thoughts about that Part which is not Represented that much in this Post as a Reply. Problem / Issue: The Problem I see in this game
  2. I'm also a German Player (think it's even stated in my Profile) and i agree with what most other players from Germany said before: I use English for more or less everything, but anwser Questions in German if they are asked in German. From what i read up to here it seems, that changing the ingame chat window is either something that will not come soon or otherwise never, since its a lot of work and not a priority right now (sadly an issue for a lot of things but dev's Doing their best and i'm just super grateful for that). So i propose thinking about starting with an easier achieveabl
  3. Thanks man, hope there will be a lot of replays sooner or later
  4. Hey, found this post by searching for Replays, since i wanted to study some matches, and just wanted to ask if the project still exists or if it died over the last 2 years?
  5. NAME: Close Button after Game closes the Game SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Map ingame at the end of match REPRODUCIBILITY: Didn't find a way to reproduce the bug seems kind of Random DESCRIPTION: At the end of a Match, when the Victory Screen pops up and i click on Continue/Close to continue into the Forge the Game completely shuts down instead. So far it only happened after Victory so i'm not sure if the bug also exists after a lost game. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Sorry don't have a necessary Video programm ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Sry also no
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