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  1. The game is out for a week. I did not have trouble connecting to the server usually, except when servers were full, however I played 6 games in that time, and i know that this is much for some players, which did not even have the possibility to connect yet, however I saw already people with level 70 decks and higher. The grind is way to hard already in my opinion as well as the apparent effort to balance a free market... Cause that's what it is... a FREE market even though there is BFP generation to some extent. Regulating the market is as hopeless at this point as it is to grind so hard, like
  2. The state the game currently is in, is not called for any trivial reason ''stress test''. In stress tests, bugs, server stability, play-ability and other technical issues are trying to be discovered. Trying to justify the behaviour of those so called ''auctioneers'' at this state of the development of the game is pretty irrational. It is a stress test and still in development. There might be new players here, who never played the game, however if ''auctioneers'' block the spots for these people, they will not be able to play anyways and make mistakes, buying overpriced cards at all, defeating
  3. Any new informations about the company manager? Or who will it be?
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