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  1. is right! My name was in caps lock :O should tell more about himself
  2. sent us a weird youtube video explaining his nick
  3. needs to explain to me what farming posts means
  4. made me wonder why you spoke in another language. gave me a compliment
  5. should explain why @Treim wll be more confused
  6. doesnt know that he and Treim don't know that the reason why i was late with the post is because I had to wait a few seconds because I had posted something a few secs before that.
  7. has been noticed by ladadoos a long time ago * Too late with this post , it was meant for @Dawn *
  8. it means dice. Just learnt what dados means
  9. probably doesn't know what dados means o.o
  10. shouldn't ruin peoples love for each other 3
  11. thinks I don't know my emotions well enough
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