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  1. 74 77 6f 20 74 68 6f 65 73 61 6e 64 20 73 69 78 20 68 75 6e 64 72 65 64 20 6e 69 6e 69 6e 65 74 79 20 66 6f 75 72, Enjoy.
  2. I heard something about handpicking some more closed-beta testers, i'd be willing to part-take, though I might not be a fit candidate (since i'm both a developer and have a full time job that takes a lot of my hours). Non the-less, where can I sign up or should I mail someone my resume or something, ha ha? Kind regards, ~Freek Wernas
  3. Oh, now that it comes to mind, what about servers? (This is probably already mentioned somewhere). I live in the Netherlands (Europe), will there be a European server at the open Beta or will it be American only at first and maybe later expand to a European server? Kind regards, ~Freek Wernas EDIT: Also (And this is also probably mentioned somewhere so you can consider this as never written if you link me), for the OPEN-Beta, will all loot and experience gained whilst in open Beta be flushed after the beta or will we be able to keep it? EDIT: EDIT: Will there be another Closed-Beta key giveaway (since there are a lot of bugs being ridden as we speak and you'd say those need to be tested, by people other then the developers for different perspective)?
  4. I've been watching from the sideline and finally decided to create an account just to say this: people are going to be people, so naturally you're going to have some haters when you delay on a promise. Having that said, i'm a programmer as well and I know how long it can take to track down a bug or get certain things operational. Patience is key. Just play some Fortnite (or what ever you're into) in the meanwhile. Have a nice day, ~Freek Wernas
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