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  1. On 18.9.2016 at 3:20 AM, DefAnske said:

    Hey Guys, i am Anske from Germany too!

    I really loved this game, the challenge of beating PvE maps with different tactics, me for myself took the challenge to beat every map on expert with pure fire, all the 2 and some of the 4 player maps solo (like KotG, Dwarfen Riddle).

    In PvP my best Solo Ranking was like 160 (didnt play a lot of 1o1), but in 2o2 i reached 2nd place with xxstealthxx aka iboogey aka etc... 

    Maybe some of you will remember me, I really hope so ;)

    I am really exited to play BF again, and I thank everyone who works on it, you do great and I love you guys!

    I am playing a lot of LoL atm, so if someone of my old mates recognise me, just add "Anske"  and we will get in contact again :D 

    Hope to meet some of you again, and join you in the Forge some day!

    Only the best,


    Welcome back mate ;)

  2. 21 hours ago, Yinpoukeen said:

    I'm really hyped for the guide aswell. I also played Pure Fire as my main Pvp deck. Got to rank 150 in 2vs2 didnt quite invest that much time but it was alot of fun^^

    I thought about making some basic guides too but my english is porbably not good enough and it has been such a long time^^

    I'll release it in english but i attach a txt. file with a german version. :)


    Best regards,


  3. Hello @Dodotron

    The most important thing in PvP is for sure the knowledge about the current advantage/disadvantage status ingame.

    Replays/Theory is very usefull, but only a little thing to get a better knowledge. Its better to analyse your own replays to figure out your own problems & mistakes.

    You've to trade units efficiently &  to do the correct "move" ins the current situation. Thats the key about the game history.

    PvP is mostly learning by doing. You'll get a feeling for the current game situation if you played enough matches.

    After this, you know directly what to do in which situation to increase your advantage.


    PvP Keys


    - Micromanagement to trade efficiently

    - Understandings of advantage/disadvantage

    - What to do with any kind of advantage in which situation to increate it.

    - How to provocate mistakes of your opponents to get any kind of advantage

    Deck knowledges

    - Knowledge about how to attack/defend with/without advantage/disadvantage with the deck ur playing.

    - How to play against color XXX. Which combination of cards against XXX to get any kind of advantage/success


    Best regards,


  4. Is Stone warrior blue good enough with a single activation in the form of Timeless One.

    This T3 is very susceptible against cheap enemy T3 (L) units if you dont play a decent T2 because you dont really have a L counter & you cant play aggressor for knockback in a split defends situation every single time.  (1v1*)

  5. Hey, I used to play BF a lot but never really got to tough the PVP aspect of the game, this time around though, I'm planning on doing so. I have been watching a lot of old PVP replays on YouTube so by now I understand the basics, but obviously not from a first hand experience. However I'm definitely willing to learn! 

    For now since I don't have my hands on the game yet (obviously) I'd just like some help with deck building, I'm mainly looking towards playing Nature/Frost (aka Stonekin) and Shadow/Frost (aka LS) if a pro would like to take a look at the deck I made and tell me what is good and what could improve, that'd be a big help!


    Languages: English and Dutch

    Thanks in advance! ^_^

    Greetings, i would change Coldsnap with hurricane & razorchard with timless one for your T3.

    Best regards,


  6. /*The Guide is almost finished.

    I'll get a new internet connection in exactly 20 days so im able to stream if BFR comes out.


    Best regards,


  7. I would teach a player in every kinds of pvp like i did it before -

    Help - to get a wide pvp knowledge, recognize & "repair" own mistakes to reach high ranks.


    - Advanced knowledge about PvP.

    - Advanced experience with his main deck.

    - Ability to recognize own mistakes.

    - Willingsness to learn (BF is all about learning by doing).

    - ENG/GER


    Best regards,


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