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  1. next thing you ask for is mountaineer to be able to hit flying units right? oh fros
  2. ^ signature is awesome, can't remember the context
  3. Hey Im Ultrakool, some of you may recognize me from the old Trade Threads in the old BF forum. I played since 2009 as well after a friend referred me just after the beta. I remember hearing horror stories about balance issues in beta. Didn't have none of that Towards the end of the game I started playing again and started selling/buying cards for gold threads to help the new players and shorten the ever widening gap between veterans and new players. This is a really awesome project and I look foreward to playing(and trading) with you all again.
  4. I have to say this was the best pvp guide out there, I wonder if he heard of this project yet? Anyone can get in touch with him?
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