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  1. I wonder if there will be any updates on the DevPlatform anymore? I understand that there was no post on the DevPlatform last week because of the stream and the stress test announcements, but I'm really curious to see how the stress test is going and what's being discovered and fixed! Are we still getting DevPlatform posts or are they a thing of the past now with the open stress test out? Would be a shame imho beause I usually found them interesting and informative.
  2. I have to admit, reading the dev posts I didn't think there would be open access to the game for at least another few months. Well, let's see what results the open stress test yields. Let's hope it's not the realisation that hundreds to maybe a thousand players are too much to handle for the servers.
  3. I hope you are not misinterpreting me on purpose here. I never said that weekly dev posts are "not enough" (same goes for discord, streams etc). Once again, just to clarify: I think communication is fine from a quantity point of view as well as from a technical point of view (you explaining the changelog). It's just the "emotional style" that's bothering me, as I said in my last sentence that I would like communication to be just a more neutral description. So pretty much the same as you are doing now, just without the "very soon" or "in no time" parts. I guess I just brought that up now (and not back then when it was first posted) because I just now realised how wrong the expectations I got from that post were.
  4. I never criticized your development work or that you try to make the game as bug free as possible, don't try to paint this picture of me. I think delaying it was the correct choice, even if it takes a year or even longer. Not giving any more dates or time frames is the correct choice as well. But still the communication is irritating to me. "The hype train will be back on track in no time!" IS a statement that's hyping up. I can't see how it can have any other possible effect. "In no time" and "very soon" are both vague time frames whose meaning is dependent on context and from context right here they suggest (at least in my view) a time frame no longer than a few weeks. Just my understanding. It's just that I would prefer posts without any time-related phrases like that at all. So there's absolutely no possibility any readers could get hyped up. Just a neutral description of what is going on.
  5. First of all: thanks for doing this project! I've been following for quite a while now, props to you for putting your time and effort into it! To the OB status: When bugs like "accepting group invites causing the crash of the world server" got fixed just now, then it seems like there is still a very long way to go until the game is ready for an OB release. That's completely fine. This is not a paid project. But I don't get why statements like "For those still doubting us, calling this biggest Internet scam and similiar names - you will be proven wrong very soon! The derailed hype train will be back on track in no time!" are published. The "in no time" line was already a month ago. I'm obviously not a programmer but to me it seems very possible that it could very well take another few months until the game is ready for an OB release. Statements like the above cause unnecessary hype, and when hyped up expectations can't be fulfilled there will be disappointment and ultimately hate.
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