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  1. woodufuzzy

    My little brother's birthday gift

    Nice try Congrats to your Brother
  2. woodufuzzy

    1 - Auction House crash on creating auction

    Same here. Tried with different cards and different ways. With searching for the needed card or right out of the overview. 3/3 times the client crashes
  3. woodufuzzy

    1 - Game Freezes in PVP

    NAME: Game Freezes in PvP Match SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: 1vs1 Map REPRODUCIBILITY: 1 Time. After this Event sparring session is crashing everytime I tried to rejoin a PvP match DESCRIPTION: After a few Minutes the first time. Sounds are not freezed. I can klick through the Map and look around. But nothing is moving. I pressed leave match. Nothing happend. I pressed logout and this worked for me the 1st time. Hope this will help

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