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    My little brother's birthday gift

    hello dear creators. my name is Omer and I have a little favor to ask you., my little brother's 22nd birthday is coming this Friday (Middle East time zone) and his a really, truly dedicated fan and gamer of Skylords: reborn and BattleForge since the very beginning of both games. he's one of if not the most dear and loved person in my whole life and I honestly willing to do everything in my power so he'll be the happiest person in the world because I really care about him and his happiness. my favor from me to you is this. can you please give him in just one card. only one and that's it. I'm asking this because I truly know that if you'll agree, and give him this card as a birthday gift from me. than I will know that I've gave him the best birthday gift that I could ever give him as caring and loving big brother to a devoted BattleForge gamer. I am willing to do anything I can do or pay as much as I can for the card. that is the card I wish for him to have. please give it a thought.

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