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  1. Pouyou-pouyou

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    I noticed a few errors in the database. Twilight Hag is listed as an uncommon instead of a common. One bandit sorceress is listed as an uncommon too. Lost banestone is listed as common instead of uncommon. Girl power is listed as a tier 1 card instead of 2. Twilight Curse is liste as a tier 2 card instead of 3. There seems to be some errors in the listing order as well. For example, if I select only tier 4 frost cards, and if I sort them by energy (ascending), Ice Tornado appears last while it should appear between Maelstrom and Kobold Inc. Logically, if I then sort them descending, Tornado should appear first, yet it appears second. That's all I spotted right now. Also, it would be nice to have a checkbox for promo cards. And it would also be nice to have a counter displaying the number of cards found depending on the criteria selected. And for the maps section, there seems to be some errors for some rewards. The tutorial doesn't seem to give any reward. And I just got the Northguards upgrade on the Siege of Hope level, not the tutorial.
  2. Pouyou-pouyou

    2 - Login Error code

    Another one that happened to me a few min ago : log.txt

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