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  1. still crashing with the viridiya error _log_proxy_0.log
  2. I have the one with shaking hands, but also one with the frost t3 wizard lower in my achievement list
  3. deepgorger in the patchnotes has a typo: - Damage: 480, up to 720 in total (3000 dp20) ➜ 675, up to 015 in total (3760 dp20) the new damage total should be 815 or sth Hyped for new twilight
  4. i have two more logs from the same day,so if these are the right ones? _log_proxy_14.log _log_proxy_13.log
  5. i had to close the game with my task manager,because nothing was happening, so im just uploading all 3 files _log_proxy_0.log _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  6. the launcher.log file? and no replay was produced, i checked after restarting the client and also started a solo rpve round and got both into the game and a replay after for my solo rpve
  7. After the loading screen, the game would not progress, timer and void energy are frozen, no friendly power wells or orbs are shown and i cannot summon any units, each time it would just put an image of the unit on the ground The other players in my team had no problems, they could see each other and my orb and power wells until they were destroyed and continue the mission
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