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    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Hi devs and all others, Back in the days, I loved to play BattleForge with my wife. I am absolutely thrilled that a group of people wants to bring back this game for us, for free. And then I see a forum where other people take their time to post words or disappointment and fury. This made me join this forum and post my first forum post here. Dear awesome developers. You are the best, and everybody here should be thankful for your dedication, hard work and countless hours of free time that you sacrifice for the community. Take all the time you need, make this project your masterpiece, and please don't listen to negative feedback on the "release schedule". This is a free project, nobody should expect ANYTHING from you. If you said in the past that you will provide free software filled with fun and joy on date X, and then on date X, you did not (because of reasons), then nobody should be hurt or angry. Nobody lost anything - we just didn't get free stuff (yet)! Software development is an uncontrollable beast. Even in huge companies with dozens of people, deadlines are missed all the time. You made the right choice - don't rush anything, and the result will be so much better. If you can keep the community updated on the process, we appreciate it. And then, some glorious day, I will finally build a Worldbreaker Gun again, put a Skyelf Sage next to it, aim, and press the button. And hear one of the most satisfying "BOOM" sounds in game history. It will be my salute to you. I can wait. It is worth it. Regards, Thomas

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