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  1. fiki574 liked a post in a topic by Hans275 in We're Releasing Q4!   
    Well then i hope you don't blew it.
  2. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Hans275 in Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios   
    first of all i want to thank you and the other guys for bringing battleforge back to life.
    This ratio sounds nice in the first moment you read it, but it creates deeper and deeper conserns as longer i start thinking about this.
    You might repreat a mistake that killed battleforge in the first place.
    If you play PvP you accept to lose by lower skill rather than loosing by a not upgraded deck.
    My point is it might take ages to get a full upgraded pvp deck.
    Each pure deck needs a couple rar and ultra rar cards...
    If it takes for e.g. 6 month of farming PVE to get a playable pvp deck you lose a lot of players. 
    Try to lower the entry for pvp interested player.
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