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  1. there is no need to share server FILES! they can easily lock it and make the emulator execute able by an exe! there is no need for open source sharing. this guys already have done more than enough for us and im very grateful, but not adding offline play is more of a choice of service instead of not being possible..
  2. @nerevar i made a new one for 2 reason 1.not necro the old one 2.its new experience after online test @soldierbf MANY online games out there can be played offline with server simulators, such as wow offline server emulators not to mention skylord team have all files on their hand @amergo ai bots are not needed the campaign alone are enough for offline, as i said offline should be a feature for solo able mods, not a whole complete new gameplay with AI bots not as much work AND COST as stabling free servers for thousand of players! since they have all game server files in their hand its much easier to make an offline server simulator which can be easily executed by single exe. @wertyy difficulty can be easily reduced by little tweaking in campaign data for offline, for example: in 3player maps give x3 resource and income to player, and when u have all cards it will be much easier. also i would like to repeat and press the fact that EA cannot be trusted and there is a always the chance that they will shutdown this project as long as they own the battleforge rights.
  3. Hi! Thanks for all ur efforts to bring this back to us, this made 50% of my dream come true but the other 50% is being able to play offline vs AI! Currently online game is WAY unstable! i keep getting disconnected! a simple spike of lag can disconnect me, even when i play campaign alone there is always chance for me to get disconnected which ruin all my progress and my mood! i dont understand whats holding u guys from making an offline mod for playing solo, isnt this project free now? isnt providing a good server expensive and costy? by an offline mod u can reduce the burden on ur servers so ppl like me who spend most of their time vs AI wont put pressure on online server! also offline mod will give us a shelter if EA shutdown this servers, beside i dont wana get through all this trouble of going online and staying online when i just want to play solo! if this game wasnt free and was still operating by owner company, i would understand the no offline play and beneficial problems... Right now this game is like a beautiful dream turning to nightmare!.... its right there but instead of enjoyment im getting crazy with this disconnects. please... offline mod...
  4. Arsham

    Who is around my age or older?

    31 here ^^
  5. @Shotty 1. about argument in that topic, since dev team have the server files they can easily create an offline server emulator and code it into one exe so it cant be used as other private servers! 2. about hacking profile during offline play they can make a separate profile for offline play so ur cards/score are divided from online play, beside even with current online server hackers will always easily find ways to hack private servers so saying an offline server will make it hackable is wrong! 3. only making single player features which are already in game such as campaign, offline playable wont take much effort, but making player vs AI skirmish style system will take alot of time im sure!. This server is at to much risk! 1. EA is moody and may attack anytime 2. Keeping servers up cost alot! and if donates get reduced by time then there is a chance again to lose the servers. I just hope the amazing ppl behind Reborn project find a way to keep this game playable if it ever lose online "life support"! but i also do agree with other ppl who said first game should be fully functional and balanced/playable before going for ideas such as Offline playability
  6. yeah such great games deserve to be immortal instead of limited server life!
  7. When i do think about reborn project the first thing that comes to my mind is "oh god i dont wana lose this game again" and beside that BF is one of few str games which have a enjoyable campaign and PVE where u can make and use, different decks and tactics which are usually not useful in PVP matches! so i do believe for start, making an playable offline campaign mod would be very useful and assuring for ppl who enjoy PVE like me! if needed they can even make it a separate profile for offline mods! Also if possible in future i would love to see offline Lan mod too! so we can enjoy BF even without net like most of other STR games!. making this dreams true is easily possible with making an OFFLINE server emulator which can be activated with a separate EXE. This devs have already done so much for BF community and im very grateful for this, but if they could spare little more time and give us this i can rest in peace when i wake every morning and log to my BF! Making such feature will both increase the game playability and in case if the EA decide to take this game down again at least we would be able to enjoy it with our friends or alone, far better than losing this legacy which this devs putted years of their life on it to resurrect again! What do u guys think? do u like to see such feature?
  8. Arsham

    Whats ur fav unit concept in BF!

    Easteregg xD such massive amount of concept and mechanism xD i also found Shadow worm an amazing idea too! i mean watching a titanic dread worm with that scary look tunnel and dive in a battlefield was cool feeling too!
  9. Guys whats ur fav unit concept in BF! and by unit concept i do mean the idea and mechanism behind a unit! for example: mine is Harvester because the concept of a walking colossus who can harvest souls and reanimate skeletons by shoving his claws to the ground was very neat and interesting! so whats urs?
  10. Arsham

    I Love PVE :)

    i just wish they do release a patch to be able to play PVE mods offline! this way i will feel both safer and happier if either EA take down this game again one day or if i lose net!

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