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    Because people just don't want to play without it as it makes game too hard for them. Some even get "offended" by such a simple question ( to not use it ) which is ridiculous. I did and I failed, not afraid to say it. At that point in time my deck didn't allow me to do it and I ran out of time, or simply it was wrong deck. Now it's not an issue anymore.
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    I'd like to give an insight of this issue for "normal" players. I'm not an expert in this game and not intending on becoming a speed runner, however those BH/GoL speedruns are currently ruining the game experience a bit. I remember the time of battleforge, where PvE lvl and deck lvl could tell more or less how well does someone know the game and expert maps and if you should kick them or not. Not to mention that buying upgrades wasn't that easy, required PvP rank or farming PvE maps. ( I don't play pvp ) Recently I've been trying to play Crusade on expert for the achievement. My
  3. Enlightenment, the only card that allowed you to have T4 units at T3 before this shitty Amii monument came out
  4. Hello, I'm trying to build 2 decks that I find fun to play, but there are a few bits missing, and it would be nice to get another opinion. First deck is Frost-Nature. My problem is the lack of force at T2. I don't know which frost/nature units are good, I mean Aggressor is cool, but very expensive so not always that useful. I'm pretty sure coldsnap would be good here, but maybe I'm wrong, also replace Fathom Lord with Deepfang or Stone Warrior ? Frost-Nature deck 2nd deck is Fire/Shadow bandits deck, I could add mine in T1, just not enough bfp right now. Anything else to c
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