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  1. KOJAC

    Its the final Countdown

    I am working on the website ... no Joke
  2. KOJAC

    Its the final Countdown

    I have already considered whether I build up a homepage for this purpose solely for the countdown
  3. KOJAC

    Its the final Countdown

    I see it as my duty to support this game and its developers. Unfortunately, it's almost the end of the month
  4. KOJAC

    Wanted: Signature update or New one

    Hi there. I´m a Designer (Web & Graphics) maybe i can help u out Tell me more about your ideas please. Or would I have a free hand? Can i send u Links (Example of what I have already done) here? Not that this is declared as advertising: P
  5. KOJAC

    Its the final Countdown

    OMG ... That moment when you find out that the game you played a lot of time, has come to life again Can not wait for it

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