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  1. kayaJJ

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Message to the staff: I dont even care when the beta is released but i have gotta tell you some thing at this point. 1. In like every monday update thread you always made excuses telling us why you were not able to make progress and telling us every little exam, tests and RL stuff in details (to be honest, nobody cares about your RL obligations. everyone with an iq above 60 knows, that you do this for free and have other things to do, so please cut it out in the future because its unprofessional as hell) 2. why do you keep us telling dates and times? just keep it internaly and tell us maybe 2 days before release that we can download the files. you can only disappoint by not holding your promises and you still keep doing it by saying 3-4 weeks 3. we got your back so please just give us necessary information like on your streams Thank you
  2. kayaJJ

    Best Players

    sup guys, nice to see some old names here. i had a lot of respect for freemka back in the days.

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