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  1. NAME: Disconnect from Server when Loading Encounters With Twilight SEVERITY: 1LOCATION: (End of) Loading Screen, ForgeREPRODUCIBILITY: 6/6 attempts (2 Standard, 2 Advanced, 2 Expert)DESCRIPTION: Every time I try to load into EWT, it disconnects me from the server and I have to relog. SCREENSHOT: Attatched (Sorry for crappy cellphone picture, my computer cant screenshot the game for some reason)ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I was attempting to smash through a quick EWT for daily quests when I discovered the bug. I have a very good computer with solid internet connection, so I do not think it is somet
  2. I've been waiting for 4 and a half years, another few months is nothing. Love you guys for this!
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