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  1. Dear community


    so first you cry for the game to be released....

    then you cry that the servers cant handle the amount of players (wich should be obvious. it was one of the reasons why the beta wasnt released yet)...

    where tf is chatbox... (i can allready guess why its not there tho. idiots prolly @ all the devs and mods 24/7 for your issues that could be answered by reading threads on the forum and discord informations)

    and now its a new thing to write the same message to all devs profiles about your issue with the game, forum or a ban.... (there is a certain function in this forum for that. HINT: it has to do with direct messages ;) )

    yall should show some respect man. you can consider yourselfes lucky that there even is a open stresstest...

    gone for 2 months and all i see in here is salty tears and never ending cries for help that is not needed....

    1. BurningWorld


      TL;DR but according to your first 2 sentences I 100000% agree, and it sucks but well that's how human are ^.^

      anyways swiss stoner rock: 

       check it out I love them man, didn't even know you swiss guys can do such stuff :D 

    2. steezy


      dude we got the best. you should check out junia bardo ;). he makes reggae rap in swissgerman

    3. BurningWorld


      I heard a lot of swiss reggae with around 16-17 liked it alot but I grew out of it sorry :/ 


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    2. steezy


      that kid had a lot of struggles and bad demons from his past that he had to fight on a daily while following his goal to spread good vibes and a positive message. unlike most others in the scene he was one of the few that would admit his mistakes and try to learn from them and not hide behind some BS lies. also most times he got wrecked people jumped him like 10 vs. 1

      (6nine does not make beats so idk how the beats are relevant when talking about him)

      ps: i also read some articles about jesus getting wrecked but does that justify anything?


      no offense to you @Kazayrian but i am triggered right now as he was a fkn legend and i still cant believe all this happened

    3. shadowxxs77


      Rip tentacion :/

    4. Kazayrian


      Sorry. Could not resist.


  3. Now that batorfly has made a cool Status update i hope people will stop spaming my status:kappa:

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    2. batorfly
    3. WaterMelonLord
    4. steezy


      guys in all seriousness.

      stop this childish nonsense.....


      me said stahp ploise is not funy


  4. I have beaten BurningWorld in a fair game of Skribbl.io 

    My life is complete now as i retire from the professional Skribbl.io E-Sports scene.

    Dont worry i will not quit Skribbl.io as it is the best E-Sport game out there but from now on its all about the fun.


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    2. BurningWorld


      You can't call a paint drawing a meme bro :D 

    3. steezy


      i didnt mean the picture :thinking:

    4. BurningWorld


      Ooooh Imma dumb prick :( 

  5. Fiki = MVP

    1. kingboomboo13


      Wholeheartedly agree.


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