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    Terrain bonuses,new card

    note-didn't know to post this here or in the Suggestions part First things first-terrain bonuses: It would be cool to have certain terrains such as Grass land,Frozen land,Scorched land and for them to give their respective color bonuses,such as: Grass land[Nature]: +1.5% bonus regeneration Scorched land[Fire]: Melee units burn their attackers(enemy melee only) dealing X amount of damage,Ranged units engulf enemy units in flame,dealing X amount of damage over time Frozen[Frost]: Units and structures gain +5% damage reduction Corrupted land[Shadow]: Corpses give +15%HP more while being gathered (works for all units,but shadow is the only one who gathers corpses,so...) Stone[Stonekin] : Units and buildings gain shields equal to 5% of their HP-shield recharges gradually over 10 seconds after being out of combat for 10 seconds Desert[Bandit]: Units gain +5% movement speed Lost lands[Lost Souls]: Units have 25% lower cost of "Revenant's Doom" ability,making it actually usefull Sacred lands[Amii]: Units and structures gain additional range,walls get "Blessing of Amii" ability which goes as following: Ability cost: 20 Description: Wall segments share damage received,spreading the damage equally among them,additionally wall segments gain +5% damage resistance,10% if close to an Orb or Power well Side note:-the land types also affect buildings[walls(except Amii),wells,orbs not included],all stats are a subject to change by developers Next on the list-a new card which would be..interesting: Name: Shard Launcher Orb/Power cost: 2 Nature,2 Frost,300 Power cost Abilities: Earthen bond - Activate to become immobile after 7 seconds and gain: Every 5 seconds the unit launches a shard which deals 500 damage,up to 750 in a 5m radius,knocking back small,medium and large units, the shard also shatters into 5 smaller fragments upon landing,dealing 50,up to 75 damage in total to enemies in a 2m radius,knocking back small units Adamant skin: Unit takes 15% less damage Requirements(Earthen bond): Can only be used on Stone terrain Damage/HP: XL 3000 / XL 3500 Upgrade I: Unit gains +100 HP ,unit arms quicker by 1s Upgrade II: Unit gains +150 HP ,unit arms quicker by 1s Upgrade III: Unit gains +200 HP ,unit arms quicker by 2s Side note:-the unit may seem OP,but the requirements make it useful only in certain situations,also another thing to take a note of is that it does not form a link between other units like root network -the concept is having a stonekin version of razorleaf/spore launcher,but with its own attributes
  2. A lot of games that start free introduce pay 2 win or microtransactions,possiblyboth. BattleForge as it is now and in the future won't be pay2win,but introduced microtransactions(which I'm fine with-don't take me wrong) Take for example the game i play-World of Tanks-it's a free 2 play game with premium tanks-some of them are pay 2 win,but most are just to boost your credits and your progression. Microtransactions do the same-they boost your progress,but are not pay 2 win. Microtransactions for BF points are OK,but only if you gain resonable amount of BF points in the quests,etc. unlike previously only 2/day. Taste the rainbow

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