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  1. Can we know whats the estimated overload by numbers? Like there is 1.5x times more player willing to connect than places on the server? It would help a lot, because after 30 login attempts i feel like IM playing Silkroad over again. Without PACC. I just want to know if its worth time to try to connect or should i wait for more stable/more servers online.
  2. Yay name game as Skylords Reborn vcs EA is lurking for moar FIFA money. Now praise EA bcs they granted access to thrown out game idea. And how in the name of God Emperor did anyone thinks that Origin is good platform for your games? They killed both Titanfall's, Dragon Age, Command and Conquer's. Imagine world where u have to buy DLC's for breathing. Skylord's Dev team should avoid EA and anything even remotly connected with them as Redwood is red bcs of the blood and tears of the fans of good games that being killed in the name of MOAR NHL's. I dont give a damn if u need 2 years or 5 years to
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