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  1. Savatar

    Press play, launcher closes and nothing happens

    I have the same issues. Updater goes up, Click Play, Nothing. Installation has been fine, according to this fanmade tip on how to check (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tIa6X24v_c) everything appears correct. As for the folder, here you go, I don't seem to have any compression issues so it may be something else.
  2. Savatar

    Play style How would you describe each faction?

    Right. That was probably less helpful than the wikia. And for the variation races? Are Twilight's transformations worth it? Are Lost Souls'?
  3. Savatar

    I Love PVE :)

    I will always prefer PvE, there is something about a scenario with certain themes you have to plan for, learn when and how to deal with them in a good way and make a deck to work with it. I don't know about BattleForge, but most PvP games tend to land in "What is the current Meta?"/"How do we counter the current Meta?" I consider a game that has a Meta to be a poor game as it then becomes more or less how much I can cheese the game or how do I out-DPS everyone else and it becomes too competitive for my tastes, I prefer co-operation and just doing things your way. You're going to face a lot of horde units in the next campaign? Well, you know what you need to do then. You're getting into a PvP game? Yeah "GGHF LOL 2 ez" as if that's fun. Can also be because I am fail at micromanaging big armies or "think outside the box" to come up with some "Ooh I'll just rush this unit and overrun everyone" tactic.
  4. Hello, when I played the game in it's original form I was fairly young and pretty much got stuck playing whatever cards I had and I mostly just went by cards that could walk in a straight line and steam roll whatever got in the way, to say the least, I was not very good at tactics. But as I look forward to getting back into the game I've been checking the cards over at the wikia and I try to find a faction to focus on, one I can really feel into, and not just focusing on me I'd like to know what everyone thinks about each faction. Is Fire just a High damage burst deck or will zerg rushing get you smashed? Is Frost really good at only defending or can it be played really offensively? Is Shadow all about controlling everything and where everything is? Is Nature all about Crowd Control? And what of the other five? Please, do share what you would say each faction is like and how you think they should be played in the best way, maybe help someone to figure out why their favorite deck doesn't suit their play style?
  5. Savatar

    PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    I hate PvP, I don't deal well with intelligent opponents who most likely have found a meta who can roll over anything. I do however Love to group together to beat something together. PvE for LIFE!
  6. Savatar

    Describe the game with one word!

  7. Savatar

    Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    Filled it out, some questions left me very unsure as what to say, like the 2D/3D question? It depends on the game, some games are better for 2D but i guess most are better with more than only left/right movements with a possible jumping. I also found it curious with an app that followed in the game? It depends a lot on what the app does and if it affects gameplay, and how. There were some things I felt was missing in what I might enjoy from a game, and it is a very simple to do but not out of the way, grind. There is the bad kind of grind where you play 20+ hours just grinding, and then there is the one where you just need to get better or preferably for me, grind my way into having an easier time playing. This doesn't mean I don't want a challenge, but I am unable to enjoy some games due to how they can sometimes feel like "git gud" games, and it just makes me try less and be annoyed more rather than try to get better. Some examples for me would be the Borderlands 2 game where achievements give you small (almost too small in the end) bonuses to a stat, or Terraria where sometimes it's all about finding better equipment to handle a situation. I guess some people would say Dark Souls since you just need "the right" things to take down a new boss. As for Pre-ordering, I have done a lot of pre-ordering in the past on games that I really felt sounded awesome, but now I am so wishing I hadn't done so because it turned out to be games for a totally different sort of player, often people who think outside the box and like the gameplay to be brutal and punishing. Right now I don't have a lot of money to spend on games on a monthly basis, but around 10-20 Euro/Dollars does go to giving it a shot on sites like Chrono.gg, so if I were to pre-order, it would have to come with a Demo or similar I can try out first. Maybe a t-shirt too, but it's usually a very high cost for everyone. As for where I prefer to buy my games, I do use Steam the most because it is often the one with most deals, most updates, but really I enjoy GoG a lot more as they are DRM free and it allows for playing games if the internet decides to die on me. But GoG doesn't always get updates etc, so it's an evil circle of no new content = no new purchases. When it comes to the last question of "Non gameplay related content" and how much I would spend on it per year I am not sure what counts and what doesn't, if you mean skins and such I rarely, if ever, pay for such things. Always fun being able to help someone out. Good luck Project 0814
  8. Savatar

    Announcement - Stream on 29/01/2017

    Yah that would've been great... If it wasn't in the middle of the bloody day and people got shit to do but else great!

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