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  1. LordMarc

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    is there already a date for the hard reset and will it be this time the last (planned) one?
  2. LordMarc

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Hey there, "short" question The idea of changing from booster quest to bfp quests only is quite nice but the booster openings are a lot of fun (or can) but limiting the "free" boosters to the achievements only is a bit drastic. Because of all this the total opened boosters will be reduced highly so less cards will be on the market and cause of that the prices will rise for all of them. That´s indeed a nice thing but it may be to much for players who only play from time to time or starters. So would´t it be possible to create besides daily quests for bfp also one or two weekly quests for booster packs? most easy ones would be logging in 7 days in a row and finish 10 daily quests per week. Of course the time to time players would´t get the benefit directly from that but throughout that the total amount of opened boosters would be higher and more cards would be on the market and the prices would´t be as high as they could get with this limitation. With these mechanics also the time to time players would have some benefit due to lower prices?! Sorry if a topic like this was previous discussed but I did´t read everything tbh

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