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  1. Hi - this one doesn't work either. Maybe something else is at play here? Anyways thanks for all the work with the game 🙂 Edit: Nevermind - it does now. Sorry
  2. Are servers down or something? Connection fails (08:30 central european time)
  3. Real money wouldn't break the market. But likely the deal they made with EA is that they can't sell bfp. Also there is no breaking the market - there is just changing the basic settings, which means the market may become more or less volatile. And currently it is actually rather volatile due to several factors - one is the amount of cards flooding in to the market with every player getting esentially what was once work 20 € per day (1 booster and 150-225 bfp). Currently my perception is that more bfp flood into the market than does cards which give rising prices. On top of that you have the low amount of gold people have to put ultra rare stuff on AH and do a lot of trading. When servers become stable you may see a whole different market because people have access to more gold. This means that currently fewer cards are available on AH - and that individual people trading can make a bigger impact on individual card prices. Also I suggest not being demeaning to other people by laughing at them. Especially when your point is not based on economic observations but personal preference.
  4. ^edemwhite Too many trying to login at same time. Try again later.
  5. I think the stress test has thus far showed that too many people are let in - or people are allowed to retry too often. Can get in on the server, but will lose connection shortly after. Awesome to see it working though!
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