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  1. I can't remind me if i used Alt+Tab before, but it could be. I still try to reproduce the situation.
  2. NAME: Unable to control or spawn new creatures SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Randomly in-game REPRODUCIBILITY: 1/6 DESCRIPTION: So, today was the first time i get this bug. I played a random single-player game on difficult 5. After 5min i noticed that i was unable to control my creatures. The game wassn't freezed or anything. Enemy's were still walking and attacking my creatures. I was able to select my creature groups, but not to give them any direction. In addition i wasn't able to spawn new creatures as well. They just don't appear, but the spawn-limit of the card i use was decreased by 1 (but no energy was used) SCREENSHOT/Media: i wasn't able to record it by now, it will be updated, if it happened again. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Windows 10, 64-bit system, Core I7- 7700 HQ, GTX 1050 Ti
  3. The story of my name is quite stupid i think :D It was at the time when i played "Tera" with my friends and we are trying all classes, but i hate finding names for tons of new character. One of my friend starts giving his characters names of common object's, just like "Plant pot" or "Brick". It was quite funny so i decided to call my nick the german word for "charcoal". I have to say it was a typical warm day, perfect for a nice barbecue *lol*
  4. @Deathlyreaper If you found a bug or other issues, just open a new thread in the Bug Section by using the Bug Report Template. Also you can attach your log.txt from the folder you just take a screenshot of. This might help the devs to solve the problem.
  5. Don't forget that this is an "Open Stress Test", i am sure they are working on the problems which the server has right now. Give it a little more time and don't forget that this all is free-to-play.
  6. Did u just copied the Battleforge.rar, or did you unpacked it to? You need to unpack the Battleforge.rar into the same folder where the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe" is. Then u should start the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe and enjoy the game
  7. @Kubik DELETE Grillkohle Thanks
  8. Hey guys, i got the same error again and again.. @Ladadoos, i will send u my log.txt in PM now.
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