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  1. Yeah for sure! In Runescape it is also shown with an icon in front of the name (in this case it is a grey helmet). So people from the outside know that this person is "self made", meaning he acquired everything he owns by himself. Outsiders know that the person is operating under way more restrictions and therefor respect, applaud and celebrate their achievements. For the player himself it is also a token to be proud of as building out a deck will become way more of e personal grind than just buying it straight from the market (long term commitments vs immediate satisfaction). It also allows the creation of a community for like minded people who are playing with the same restrictions. Often "clans" and special chats are formed to discuss restriction strategy and to help players starting out to progress in the game mode. It brought new life in the game of Runescape, as veterans who had already achieved their goals in the game had a chance to test their game knowledge and experience the often "un-played" or "skipped" mid game, being the common and uncommon cards for Skylords reborn. How would we go about proposing an idea like this to the game devs? Do I just wait till one notices my post? Thanks for the brainstorm btw!
  2. Yup, that sounds like a possible solution.
  3. I just recently wanted to start a new account that I will be playing with NO TRADE and NO MARKETPLACE restrictions. So you will be only able to play with the cards and build decks around the cards you get from buying packs or get through achievements. This has several benefits and is based on the formula that Runsecape and Oldschool Runescape have added to their game modes, called: Ironman mode. It allows for: - To strategize and make us of the resources you have at hand. So more "useless" or less played cards will get used in-game and new strategies will be formed around them. - Replay value for people who already own all the "interesting" cards and upgrades. For me personally the will to play came from grinder for BFP to buy the cards I wanted. But once achieved, it left me in a void not having a real goal to strive for and as a result I lost interest. Making a game mode where you will have to make do with what you have and grind for cards you need or want to have to complete your deck is on a much bigger scale. This will give you a much bigger sense of accomplishment when making progress. - The pack buying process adds a whole new dimension to the strategic concept. You might have to think about which cards fit well with the ones you have now before building out an ideal deck from the start. This way, players don't immediately jump to the most powerful cards such as Batarial and Enlightment, but rather have to go for a well rounded deck first with "average" and more "common" cards in order to progress in the game. - Probably some other topics I'm not thinking about at the moment... Currently it is impossible to make a new account due to multi-account restrictions. Would I have to delete my existing account to start anew or how does this work if I want to go about making such an account? Making a new playstyle with simple account restrictions like this will open a whole new game + discussion panel on the forums about strategies and tactics of which people think of. It also let's people know in game that you are playing with cards you pulled yourself, so you are more restricted in the strategies you adopt. You will have to coordinate with your team members on a bigger scale to complete certain aspects of the game. It will also be much more rewarding. So I think it could be cool. Just a suggestion
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