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  1. Can we have a tab,where we can see if the servers are up or not?I'm trying to connect since the stream ended but I still get "lost the connection problem".I know it was a bug and devs worked on it,but how should we know if server is indeed full of players,or there is a bug etc? And now I got this.
  2. Hello there, How are you all doing?So,as I enter my password and login(it says Success under the password),the bar loads,and when I get into the forge I get a message that I lost connection to the server.Why is that?Any thoughts?Maybe server is down or something?Thanks.
  3. Ofc you can,that's why it's called "open beta".Everyone can join.
  4. It's Open beta,that means that it will be open for everyone.The thing you are talking about is closed beta.
  5. When we get into the forge,make sure to make a good Greek back2back squad!
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