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  1. what exectly do you mean by determined layout? As in a different display compare to the normal website? Also, I thought of maybe writing a mobile app for the site, but that is something far in the future, when the site provides enough features to justify creating an app for it. xD
  2. Good news everyone, the site now displays the actual recorded minimum buyout prices! The relevant data is automatically added to the database every whole 20 minutes. As I mentioned before, the site only displays the minimum buyout prices, as that was the system I put in place in the beginning. I am currently working on completely overhauling the site to allow for a more detailed view of price history and development, so stay tuned. And don't worry I am saving the momentary api data on a separate database to allow for the overhauled site to process the data retrospectively.
  3. This is so amazing. Thank you all so much for allowing the community to be even more involved in the amazing work you all have done. With this I can finally expand my project and create the site that I envisioned. Again, thanks so much!
  4. Yeah I just saw it. So hyped to get into it.
  5. I did some more small changes to the site: Setting the pages with the randomly generated prices as the standard pages and adding a warning, that the prices are randomly generated! Adding mean values of the prices, for a slightly better value to orientate on (compared to only lowest and highest). Small info in the top right of the page about when the price values were last updated. I also tried out some other stuff: Median Values, but the backend database function that calculates the value wasn't able to work through all the cards data (though it worked when re
  6. I did some smaller changes to the site and updated the main post of this thread to better represent the features that my site currently provides. As stated in the main post and on my site, I plan to completely overhaul the site, to allow easier implementation of features, so there might not be a lot of changes for quite some time.
  7. @LEBOVIN Oh wow, thanks for the info. I only updated the "Swift" ability for Colossus and Bloodhorn as well as the "Siege" ability for Skycatcher up until now, so this help is very much welcome. ^^
  8. @Mynoduesp thanks for your feedback! Yeah, but I got the data, so I thought I could just add it, at least it's possible to filter the displayed damage. xD They are accurate, as I fed them with data from another source that contained the official upgrade map data, that is available online. The most frequent are shown first and if there are multiple that have the same frequency it is sorted by name. That's a good idea and I thinks one that is easily implemented. The way I generate the datasets allows for this kind of adjus
  9. Hey everyone, I got a little bit more into it than I anticipated (40h worth of coding and data adjustments in the last 4 days ), but I managed to implement a ton of new filter and sort features that I think you will like @Mynoduesp. Have fun with version v0.1.2, which went live just now.
  10. I played with the design a little bit more and added some images that I thought were fitting to the species/class/building type/spell type filter, if you think others would fit better, tell me which, once I deployed the new version.
  11. @LEBOVIN I looked through the images on the wiki and wow, your dedication to the wiki is amazing. ^^ I added some of the images to my checkboxes if that's okay.
  12. @LEBOVIN Thanks for the info, looks good, but I am not sure if this style and functionality fits for my page, as I orientated myself on the setting of the auctionhouse. Sure the checkbox version of the in game inventory has it's advantages, but also it's limits. I plan to add some hover info at some point as well, but I don't know when. As for the images, on the wiki only the card border is an image, all the other information is extra, so it's not as simple as copying the image link. But the images are not one of my priorities right now anyway. Edit: But I think it could b
  13. I kept it simple, but multiple filters would be more fun. I thought a bit about it and implemented the layout just now, but for the filtering to work I will have to completely adjust the way the filtering works, but I already have an idea of how I could implement that. ^^
  14. Thanks. I disabled the feature to add the prices, as I hope to someday add the prices automatically, as the manual adding of prices is not secure enough and could be abused, also it's not very time efficient either.
  15. @Mynoduesp thanks a lot for your input. I jut put together some additional search features, that were easily available/addable, so there is always space for improvement. I am open to any search improvement suggestions, so if you have a more detailed vision of what options the search should provide, go ahead and tell me. The addition to search for the skills of the cards, from your post in the other thread was also something that I thought of adding, but for that I would need to manually expand the database and I didn't have the time for that yet. I also thought of adding a selectin
  16. I asked the devs and yes, as it is technically a bot that fetches the data automatically, which in turn would provide an unfair advantage, to those that use it. One of the rules that would be effected by the usage of such a tool is:
  17. Thanks, and yes the card API isn't up to date as far as I have seen (some errors / missing data). What do you mean with limited availability? As in not much info other that the card values? I tried to update/sort through the data for my site, but there are still thing I want to add (more information on hover, etc).
  18. I haven't talked with the devs yet and yes, the graph shows the lowest current buyout values. (I planned to add another graph inside it that shows the current number of auctions for this card, for more depth of information) To get the data from the game itself would mean I'd have to use "tools" on the game, but that would break the rules. So I won't do that to acquire the data, as I still want to enjoy playing the game and not get banned. I know that the way I set up the page is not a completely accurate representation of the auctions, I just wanted to implement this idea of mine, as
  19. Thanks a lot for your input. To answer your questions, there is currently no check in place for the price input, so anyone can enter any number at any point as the current price. I didn't implement any manipulation-countermeasures yet, as I am someone who initially trusts people to do the right thing, but you are right, there are always bad people. I will add checks, so only 0 (if no auction for this card is available) and numbers between 3 and 100,000 will be allowed (I don't think that there will be prices above 100k). Furthermore, to not overload the database, I plan to also in
  20. Greetings fellow Skyfolk, after reaching a point where it just wouldn't make sense to continue working on the now outdated version of the SMJ-Website, I decided to completely rebuild the website with different tools and development strategies. The redesigned site is now at a stage of development where I think it is viable enough to replace the old version, which broke with the anniversary patch of 2021 anyway. The new version can be found here: https://smj.cards/ The old version is no longer available due to changes made by the hoster heroku that would require paying to
  21. If a player were to send/trade thausands of BFP to another player, without receiving a card of similar value, the staff would probably notice it and take measures, if there is no other reasonable explanation for this action, such as a community organized tournament. As for you being unable to complete multiplayer maps, that is just a issue for the earlier Test Stages and will surely be resolved once the game is ready for release. Seeing as there will be at least one wipe (maybe even multiple ones) the current progress doesn't really matter. A way to start multiplayer ma
  22. I suppose the fastest method to level up would be to play expert maps, but I'm not that knowledgeable about which has the best exp per time ratio, or if there are even better ways. Your current exp and how much you need for the next level can be found on your profile page of the lore book, where you can also take a look at how many cards of the different rarities you have, as well as your pvp statistics and more.
  23. @MrXLink There is still a mistake regarding Dying Breed, it is listed 3 times at the moment: Dying Breed (Nature) under Sunbridge Dying Breed (Fire) [doesn't exist] under Nightmare's End Dying Breed (Shadow) under Slave Master You should maybe look into that again, but thanks for updating the Loot List nonetheless.
  24. I am really excited as well, can't wait to see what new things you can tell us. On a side note, the count down is wrong, it shows the time until Wednesday 20:30 UTC / 22:30 CEST not 18:30 UTC / 20:30 CEST, just to let you know. ;-) Also, it's great to be back. I also just noticed that I joined exactly 2 years ago. What a coincidence. xD
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