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  1. You mean like this? I was planning on implementing lines for the median and mean values of the cards, once I've completed the overhaul. But your idea is also not bad, but quite useless when displaying it for cards with a value of 3 BFP. So, how do you want it to work? Like the max diplay value, so you can set it yourself?
  2. I changed my scripts and you should now receive messages not later than 1.5 minutes after new data is available from the API.
  3. I implemented some changes and the boosters page now displays the current average value again, but the data comes from a temporary dataset, that I implmented for the bot, so if there is a card that is currently not available on the auction house, a value of 0 is used to calculate the booster prices. Prices on the cards page as well as the mean prices of the boosters will be implemented another time. Other than that I created a new page on the site, where you can see potential sales, that have a bid price of at least 10 BFP less than the current lowest buyout price. (In the future, I plan
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, I was working on something and selected a different price database, but forgot to select the correct one again before deploying the changes. Should be fixed now.
  5. It is definitely the device... for some reason it stops running the scripts without technically stopping them, if another application was focused... Well, I guess that's the price you pay when using a cheap old tablet/notebook that isn't really good for anything and that I had lying around... I will try to switch to something reliable as soon as I can...
  6. Thanks, I think this issue was caused by the device that currently runs the script that writes the raw API data to my database as well as the notification bot (which didn't stop working). I am currently looking into different options to run the scripts on either a raspberry pi, cloud server or the server of someone I know, but I will have to make some adjustments first.
  7. Bad news everyone, my scipt somehow stopped again, without even sending an error message and the data for the last 13 hours was lost as I only realized it just now... Sorry about that.
  8. It does consider the distribution of rarity, the algorithm to calculate the average booster value from the prices isn't that complex.
  9. Haven't thought of a good fix for this yet. One comes to mind, but that would only fix the prices for the current values not the mean values. If you think that is good enough, I will implement that... And... I just though of how I could fix it for the min and max prices on the cards page too and maybe even the mean prices, which would even solve the problem of the data size being too big to load/operate on for the future and allow for more features for the notification bot. I will try to do the neccessary adjustments tomorrow/next week.
  10. I just noticed that I forgot to set the invitation link to never expire. I updated the link in the main post, so you are able to join again. Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone who tried to join so far.
  11. Thanks for having me! I look forward to a good cooperation and hope my skills will be of good use.
  12. I finally got to it, but I didn't look too deep into how it adjusts automatically, so I just implemented something so you can set the max value yourself. Edit: I will probably add the feature to pre set this max. display value with a url query, like for the card filters, later, shouldn't take long, so if you set bookmarks you dont need to set it every time.
  13. All cards except for the Snapjaws (Promo) [R] are listed. Enlightenment: https://smj.herokuapp.com/cards/enlightenment Maybe you just selected incorrect filters.
  14. Site is working again, with said adjustments. Also I exported the full raw data for december and the size is bigger than expected with 380MB for the 13 days I stored the raw data for. For comparison, the full adjusted price data that is currently displayed on my site only takes up 17.5MB. I will have to make some adjustments for january, since the database that I use has a limit of 512MB for each cluster, but I will probably just split the data and create another cluster for each month.
  15. I am updating some stuff on the database right now (correct id for lord-cyrian, displaying prices for santa), so please wait a couple of minutes.
  16. I am aware of this as well, it is an issue with the charts plugin. might potentially be fixed quite easily, but I haven't looked into it, as I plan to use a different plugin for displaying the charts in the future, but I will look into it nonetheless. Thanks and no problem, you are not being a pain in the ass. I am happy to see that my site is used and doesn't fade into oblivion. xD
  17. I am aware of this issue. "Lord Cyrian" is already grouped under Ultra Rare though and not under Promo anymore. I need to update the id from "lord-cyrian-promo" to "lord-cyrian" at a few locations in my database, but I haven't done that yet. As for the image, I am still using the images from the cardbase which only has a promo image of it (same with not having easter egg image and others), but I already have something planned, so just wait a bit more.
  18. Hey everyone, I have something new that I want to share with you. In the last two days I tried something new and built a simple Discord Bot that allows you to set notifications for card prices. DISCLAIMER: Please note that to use the automated notifications you will have to subscribe to the bot, meaning that you need to confirm that your publicly visible Discord ID and all your personal notification settings for this bot are stored in one of my databases. You can unsubscribe at any time, which deletes all your user data including all notification settings for this
  19. After not working again today, I tried to fix another bug related to the data size. I only managed to partly fix it, so for now the noteworthy prices will only be available on the specific card pages. The price infos on the Cards and Boosters page will display values of 0 for now. This issue originates from the database that I use, as the full data size has become too big for it to operate on. Apart from that, I did some calculations and the size for the specific cards should stay small enough for quite some time for the database to still work... so there shouldn't be any issues ther
  20. I put together a temporary API of my own, with parts of the data that I use on my site. Note that the structure and the contents are only temporary and subject to change! If you are interested, you can find the API here: https://smj.herokuapp.com/api/temporary
  21. The site is temporarily going to display no price data, as there is too much data for the site to load, I will work on a workaround today. Also, no data will be lost! Apart from that I put together a temporary API with parts of the data that I use on my site. Note that the structure and the contents are only temporary and subject to change! If you are interested, you can find the API here: https://smj.herokuapp.com/api/temporary Edit: Despite what I said, some data was lost, not because of was I was working on (which isn't finished yet, so please be patient), but beca
  22. In my log I noticed, that the total number of auctions in the API hasn't changed since 6 pm CET when the number first reached 5000 auctions, even though there are clear price fluctuations visible for most cards since then. So I wanted to ask if the number of auctions that the api responds with is capped at 5000, or if this is just some extreme coincidence? Thanks.
  23. Thanks and the Title suggestion is a great idea and one that I can easily implement. The idea of a favorite list is something that I played around with as well, maybe in combination with other features that I thought of which would be quite easy with a log in feature, but that's for after the overhaul. Edit: The Titles of the pages are now the respective Names of the pages.
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