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  1. NAME: Moving place in group made bugsSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: in matchmaking as teamleader (4 player Rpve 6), before locking to start the missionREPRODUCIBILITY: tryed 1 timeDESCRIPTION: In group I moved from position 1 to 3, I dont know if it triggered it but: couldnt talk in /g, people in group could not enter the mission, could not kick from group (server say: kicking from the group but nothing change)SCREENSHOT: Additional: could not wisper to a player of my group, but that should not be for this
  2. To test a project the team make a pool of tests with all the most important cases and usually feedbacks finish this work overtime. Backwise you're testing for "make the project", the range for every aspect/cases is a colossal work... u're not EA staff . I'm comfident in your works, I would have liked to join if I had a better expertise
  3. It's flipping again, it seems it's all good. My first try had Amii monument, one green Lost Dragon and a purple one : ) BTW Promo are mixed (lol) and all the cards should be devided by series, no?
  4. Hallo all, Im from Italy, i still got the game folder & screenshot, when i saw this community i couldnt not join. Let this game Reborn!!! (Will be difficult to make updates but who care xD) I had most of ultra-rare, i continued to have fun, it wasnt boring even without changes, decks had so many possibilities. (i had not the BestTop decks yet) THIS game was GREAT, all of you are making a good work, i'll probably check if i can help in Dev since im studying comp. science.
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