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Plague Spreading Through Amok / Plague Not Following Swift Units Properly

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NAME: Plague Spreading Through Amok / Plague Not Following Swift Units Properly

DESCRIPTION: These are 2 issues with the Plague card.

1: When you play plague/an enemy unit infected with plague dies, the spell/on death explosion can spread to friendly units affected by amok effects, like the one from the amok spell, knight of chaos and incubator(p). It does not transfer to those units from enemies if they don't die, only from the on death explosion. This does not happen to pseudo amok like tortugun's. It will then spread to own units (probably allies too) like if it was cast by an enemy.

An amok unit affected in such a way can spread it back to enemies through the on death explosion, but not through normal transfer if it doesn't die.

2: Plague will slowly follow behing swift units and only catch up to them once they stop moving. If the unit enters combat, AFTER plague was cast on it and was still following it, the plague will stop shortly behind it and not affect it, eventually disappearing when the time runs out.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Easy to test on the forge.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: C'mon! It's already hard enough getting any value from incubator!



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