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in game various issues are occuring


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about 4 days ago ..8th May i think.. i started to get a slow down of gameplay. this happened in both campaign and random maps.

the gameplay would get slower over time becoming almost like a slide show. and some times stopping and then snapping back a few seconds later.

yesterday, while gaming with my friend on a 2 player campaingn map, as well as slowing down in game my battlenet voice connection became erratic to the point we could not understand what we were saying. it continued to be bad even after Skylords was closed. voice chat returned to normal after a reboot.

today, after 10 mins testing my deck in the forge with no problems, i started a random 1 player map and within 2 minutes  it glitched and dropped out of Skylords, back to desktop. my mouse pointer was jittering on and off very rapidly and a 'howling wind' sound was comin out of the speakers, I couldnt reneter Skylords but was able to alt tab to the Skylords box , which was just a black box with the name and a 'x' close button. and i closed the game dow. the mouse stopped glitching after skylords closed.

this doesnt happen with every game i played this week but was definitely not happening at all prior to this weekend. 


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