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where do i report someone for hacking besides ingame?

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I just finished a game where someone used speedhack program like cheat engine, at the last 4 camps, he froze all 3 of us and finished the remaining camps alone, what made me 100% sure about him messing with the game with a program like cheat engine speedhack is this. suddenly all 3 of us had very very heavy lag, the game almost stopped completely, I thought it was a crash or something but after a while the units looked like they were moving like one inch every 10 seconds we stayed like this for more than 2 minutes, and suddenly the game speed were like a flying machine, like when you watch the replay on x32. after the game went to normal again everyone said "lag lag" but then he said "not for me" so I watched the replay after we finished and funny enough, he was the only one of us who moved his units around and gave them orders, the rest of us couldn't even write a single latter in the chat at that moment, even more proof the replay itself shows how the game froze and we couldn't move, but what's weird is in the replay we were froze for like 1 minute, but in reality were were froze for much longer than that.

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Feel free to open a support ticket on Discord via SR Staff Mail. There you can also post the replay file without publicly denouncing anybody. Moderators will then check what was going on. In fact there can be some laggs sometimes, but they shouldn't be that long that a single player can run a map alone and finish it. Normally the game catches up at some point. I by myself also had some big laggs sometimes where I couldn't move for 30 seconds, but my units actually went their way.

This can happen, when there's too much going on at the same time.

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