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Game minimizes on Fullscreen

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I am trying to start the game but as soon as it starts (i am able to see for a split second the login screen) it minimizes and wont stay at full screen. Then i went and deleted the Battleforge folder in documents the game started and a small window appeared saying "detecting settings". At first this fixed it but not anymore. Windowed mode doesnt work for me. Parts of he windowed game are alwasy 'outside' my screen. This doesnt get fixed with changing the resolution. Please need help! Love the game!

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I already responded in your other post, but I guess you didn't see it:

@Ulamog Which resolution are you using for your monitor and for the game? Can you send a screenshot?
The issue with the game minimizing in fullscreen is usually due to other applications. I've heard this can be caused by other applications like Cisco Webex, or League of Legends, and probably even more.


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