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.NET API Library

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Since I didn't find any .NET implementation regarding the API I've gone ahead and make one myself.

With my limited experience regarding webapis and accessing them etc. the source may look reasonably bad.

Which APIs does it support?

  • Cards API (limited)
  • Map API (not working)
  • Auction API (should work to its full extent)
  • Leaderboards API (untested)
  • Battleforge replay reader

So with that out of the way:

Nuget link

Github repository

Example Usage


private static readonly JsonSerializerSettings Settings = new()
    MetadataPropertyHandling = MetadataPropertyHandling.Ignore,
    Formatting = Formatting.Indented,
    DateParseHandling = DateParseHandling.None,
    Converters =
        new StringEnumConverter()

static void Main()
    var x = Instances.CardService.HandleCardRequest(new List<Tuple<RequestProperty, string>>
        new(RequestProperty.Name, "Gro"),
        new(RequestProperty.Defense, "1100")
    foreach (var card in x)
        Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(card, Settings));


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update 1.0.5 | ReplayReader working
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