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Girl Power (Green) Bugs

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2 Bugs I've found while testing this card.


1. The description says that the target will deal the additional 50% dmg against male units only, which is wrong. Interestingly this this part of the description is already correct on the blue affinity even though the effect is the same for the 50% buff.

2. The second part of the ability is bugged even more. While it's correct that this part of the ability only affects enemy males, the actual effect is completely wrong. It says that every male nearby takes 15 dmg per second and that buff lasts for 20 seconds. But in reality the female unit will affect the first up to 3 male units nearby with a debuff that deals 15 dmg per second (or 45 dmg per second when there's only one enemy affected three times by this like in the video.) And that debuff only lasts for ~5 seconds instead of 20. After the enemy gets affected by it, the female unit will lose that part of the buff and the icon on her disappears but she will still deal 50% more dmg against everything.


(Fallen Skyelf does 100 dmg per attack. You see that she instantly loses the buff-icon and only affects one unit with a debuff of 45 dmg per second while the other two don't lose any life points at all.. After that she still deals 150 dmg to the construct (which isn't male) buf ater a while she only deals 100 dmg.)


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