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Game Freeze, combined with the ability to spam units without needing energy

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NAME: Game Freeze, combined with the ability to spam units without needing energy
DESCRIPTION: Today I encountered a special kind of game freeze, timer was frozen, units didnt move anymore for 5 Minutes (after when I quit the game). The real strange thing was, I was able to spam all T1 and T2 units, and even if I didnt see them appear on my frozen screen, they did appear ingame (which my colleague has confirmed). I'm very sure that I wouldnt have had enough energy to spam so many units
REPRODUCIBILITY: First time happend as of today, 10.10.2020. EDIT: Second time now also today 15:38 GMT+1
SCREENSHOT: https://ibb.co/MMrX38b

LOG: Attached

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bug happened on a rpve9 map, just as I was using creeping paralysis


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