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Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game

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10. Make a 1 click download button for the game: 1. One that downloads as a rar file

                                                                                  2. One that downloads the whole game, no unpacking needed

11. When a person is added to the ignore list of  a matchmaker, make that they cannot join the match of him

12. Add the following achievements: 1. win 1 game of rpve lvl 9 4p map with 3 players

                                                           2. win 1 games of rpve lvl 9 4p map with 2 players

                                                           3. win 1 games of rpve lvl 9 4p map solo

                                                           4. win 1 games of lvl 10 motm

                                                          5. win 1 game of lvl 10 random

                                                          6. build a t2 orb on lvl 10 with only snapjaws in the deck

                                                           7. win 50 games of rpve

                                                           8. win 100 games of rpve

                                                            9. win 250 games of rpve

13. Allow to choose rpve for daily quest and campaings quests seperatly


And again the 9.5 difficulty because I`m not sure if someone read it after the last reply was to the original post and not towards the lvl 9.5 difficulty

Battleground Lvl 9.5.xlsx

Edited by Buddelmuddel
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