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Character locked, no login possible

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Hi there,

I just wanted to ask why I am not able to login to the game anymore.
It just tells me that my character is locked.

I did not cheat, I had no 2nd account. A ban of my account is not plausible.

At the beginning, when I started to create an account, I did not get the confimation emails and I had to change this several times.
In the end it was working with the email adress I started with. Confirmation was done and I was able to play the game.

Was this the reason maybe that it is not working anymore?
If so, then the process is faulty imho, because I did this 'cause I didn't get confirmation for days.

Hope you can resolve this issue.

Best wishes


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You where banned for cheating. Using a cheat engine or trainers is strictly forbidden and always results in a direct ban.

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