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make all the unit accessible

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hi ,I remark they have certain unity in the game that exists but we cannot have in the form of card, I explain, for example there are certain monster like the crespucule juggernaut or the bandit walker who have looks good but it doesn't exist in the form of a card that we can have or use, I think it would be cool if you can recreate them in the form of a real card that we could have in booster packs if its possible ,moreover there are units that already exist and its would create new card :) 

PS :sorry if my english is bad

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so you asking us to draw over 2000 new cards, balance all these units, create missing models for them.

Have you an idea how much work that would be?

There is already 5042 cards in game.

I was suggesting to add some of them that would require only a little work (just to check if they are not broken somehow), but all balance changes, new cards, and all other new content was refused with maybe after release. You can read more about it here: https://discord.gg/GZKKMqH, it is discord server I created to duscuss card possibilities.

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I said over 2000 because I am lazy to count it :P

but you can count, ops I misinformed you, someone make it count from 1 instead of 0 so I made a mistake by assuming 504 pages of 10 + 2 on last page, here are the correct numbers:

there is 5032 cards in the game (no idea in how bad/good shape they are, like if they have all the images, values, etc.)

there is 2988 units

there is 10924 spels

there is 986 buildings

there is 13808 abilities

and there is 2059 squads

some units can miss squad definition, some squads can miss card, I just have no idea, but just by looking at these numbers I know for sure that "all" of them will not be playable any time soon, and more probably never.

and for sure there is a lot of other things we do not even know about.

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